Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photos taken today - 11th October 2008

Here is Ulli. She is in good health following the birth of the puppies although she has lost a little weight so we are now trying to get her back to peak fitness. She has been a very good mum.

The pictures above are of Ayca enjoying the winter sunshine and lazing in the garden. Ayca is now 8.5 months of age and coming along lovely.

The puppies are studying what the big dogs are up to in the garden. I sometimes let them all out together with Cesur as big as he is runs away from the puppies and the more he runs away the more they run after him. Thankfully, though no question over his temperament.

Here is Gabby - she isn't often photographed as she prefers to be indoors and especially so when the puppies are about. Again, excellent temperament but really not that keen on the puppies. All her coat is coming off on Monday when she goes to the grooming parlour for a wash 'n' clip. She loves it and looks and feels much better for it and it certainly helps to reduce the hair around the house.

Ayca and Cesur in their second favourite place other than the garden - at the top of the stairs.

Cesur in the garden waiting to be "picked-on" by Ayca (again)!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Puppy Updates

Here are a couple of photos of puppies from Ulli's litter. The top one is of Fern and Kai. As readers may recall Stuart and Rachel had Fern earlier in the year and she was from Ugarit's litter and now she has a new best friend in Kai a male from Ulli's litter. I am sure they will thrive in each others company as I believe Anatolians always do better in the company of Anatolians. It just helps them to understand what they are about and I believe it more because of our own experiences. We had Ravak years ago living with a Rottie, Ridgeback and Bernese Mountain Dog but once he got a mate in the form of Ana things just got better for him.

The second photo is of Pasha and she to has a new little friend and his name is Jumble. They are getting along just great but I am told she is less keen on the family cat!

Thanks for the photos guys!!