Thursday, October 09, 2008

Puppy Updates

Here are a couple of photos of puppies from Ulli's litter. The top one is of Fern and Kai. As readers may recall Stuart and Rachel had Fern earlier in the year and she was from Ugarit's litter and now she has a new best friend in Kai a male from Ulli's litter. I am sure they will thrive in each others company as I believe Anatolians always do better in the company of Anatolians. It just helps them to understand what they are about and I believe it more because of our own experiences. We had Ravak years ago living with a Rottie, Ridgeback and Bernese Mountain Dog but once he got a mate in the form of Ana things just got better for him.

The second photo is of Pasha and she to has a new little friend and his name is Jumble. They are getting along just great but I am told she is less keen on the family cat!

Thanks for the photos guys!!