Monday, February 18, 2008


The puppies are now just over three weeks old and doing very well. John and I are managing to get some sleep now through the night although we are still taking it in turns to sleep on the couch to keep a watchful eye over them.

They are eating very well and gaining weight very nicely. Aslan weighs 9lbs and continues to gain weight more rapidly than others but I think that is helped by the fact that he can use his weight to get what he want and when he wants it. Nonetheless, the others are also thriving and they to continue to gain weight nicely.

There are coming through now and just thinking about getting into mischief. They are trying to chew on things although at the moment it is a nasty suck.

We tried to put some video on last night which unfortunately was too long so we will try again later in the week.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Feeding Time at the Trough

The puppies have started to look like they are ready for some additional food to go with mum's milk so today we gave them some puppy porridge and boy did they love it. The only thing is it is hard to see who is eating what - is it the one that is wearing the most porridge?

Mum has now given them all a clean and they are having some dessert milk from mum and I guess then they will be ready for a good sleep - oh I do hope so.

They are all growing so fast and gaining weight nicely.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I Love these two photographs

We just love these two photographs. The one where they are all feeding was taken on Sunday, 3rd February and the second photograph was taken today 9th February. On the second one it is hard to see where one puppy starts and finishes. The two things they have mastered well are eating and sleeping but of course they want to sleep in a different time zone to us.
The other thing they are doing quite well is now that there eyes are open is make a lot of noise. I expect them to have added another feature to the list next week and that is escaping from their box as they are all rapidly getting their "sea legs". Watch this space.
Ugarit continues to be a good mum which is just as well as we have Ulli in the background keeping a watchful eye over proceedings.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Asalet Aslan

Here is Aslan surrounded by some of his siblings. He is now just short of 3lbs and you definately need two hands to hold him.
Watching these puppies this week has been better than watching TV.
With puppies it is the survival of the fittest. I hadn't realised until recently that the teats at the bottom end of the bitch contain the richest milk and I have been making sure that I put the two smaller ones down that end for feeding but Aslan has different ideas he either just climbs over the rest of the litter to get down there or alternatively he just starts at the top and empties each teat until he works his way to the bottom. You can see why he has been give the nickname "Tonka" as in Truck.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Asalet Aygir

These few pictures of Puppy Boy No. 2 were taken today and he now has a proper name. His new family are going to call him Aygir which in English means "Stallion". Today he weighs 2lbs 7¾ oz and he is gaining weight very nicely.

Asalet Aygir

Asalet Aygir

Friday, February 01, 2008

Week of Reflection

Well what a week it has been. The puppies are now one week old and Ugarit and her puppies are doing exceptionally well. Aslan (who has been nicknamed "Tonka" for obvious reasons) is the one who is growing the fastest at the moment although the 2nd male is catching him up. Tonka todays weighs 1230g and 135g of which he put on in 24 hours.

I didn't share with you the events of last Friday. I was away working in London as usual and John was sleeping upstairs when at 04:50 Ulli arrived alongside John who was in bed sleeping and woke him up by giving him Ugarit's 1st puppy and she was quickly joined by Ugarit who was keeping a watchful eye over her puppy but to me it was amazing that Ugarit actually let her do this. This put John in a mad dash to get downstairs with Ugarit and prepare her for the arrival of the rest of the puppies.

Although she is a very good mother she was exceptionally laid back during the birth and each puppy took about 2-2.5 hours to arrive and in the end it was necessary for her to have a C-Section.

I do have to say that during this week Ulli has been keeping a watchful eye over the puppies. Anyone that has seen my two girls together will know how close they are but currently she is glued to Ugarit's side and she sleeps right next to the whelping box and can even rest her head on it and Ugarit doesn't mind one little bit - they are truly amazing.

Gabby, who is our Bernese Mountain Dog just minds her own business.

We will try and update the blog tomorrow with photos and/or video.