Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asalet Berna (known as Charlie)

Here is Asalet Berna known at home as Charlie who lives with Nick and Bernadette.
Again, she has settled well into her new home and is quite an attention seeker which doesn't surprise me one bit as she was like that during her time here. Although she was one of the smaller girls she was just wonderful and had oodles of personality and loved being picked up and hugged which I didn't mind either!!
I am told she is a real character, steals anything that she knows she shouldn't, gets very excitable at times, and - like a toddler - is curious about everything and anything.
She's discovered that she can get up onto the bay window and watch the world go by, and that's her favourite place during the day.

Asalet Bazi

Many thanks to Hanif for sending me these photos of Asalet Bazi (known as Pasa). Again, another puppy settling well into his new life.
The majority of the puppies have very dark masks which comes from Vayou (dad).
It is so hard letting these puppies go and lots of tears so for me it is especially nice to receive emails and photos with updates. Thank you.

Asalet Beni

Here are some photos of Asalet Beni received yesterday looking rather splendid.
Beni now resides in France with his dad Vayou from the Des Shumagins Kennels. The top two were taken a few weeks ago just after his arrival and meeting dad and the others were taken recently. We are really pleased to hear that he is settling well and love the photos.