Sunday, August 31, 2008

Leo Goes Home and the Puppies come out to play

Today Leo went home to his family after his 5 week vacation with us. He has been a real pleasure to spend time with and for us it has been really interesting to watch him and Ayca (his sister) together. He really is a young male and needs his sleep and Ayca by contrast is a much more robust and matter-of-fact puppy. I think it is nice for Leo to remain as a baby for as long as possible. He and Cesur were also firm friends - I know Ayca and Cesur will miss him as will I. Nearly had the tears as I waved him off but what was particularly heart warming was the reaction he had to his family when they came to collect him. He really was pleased to see them and jumping up licking the boys - that was a great sight.

As yesterday was such a nice day (30th August) we decided that we would put the puppies in the outside kennels for the afternoon to get some fresh air. They were a little sheepish about it all but they did enjoy it. Today we did the same thing and boy what a difference 24 hours make. This time they really loved it and were enjoying the space and freedom and possibly the last of the sunshine. They had about seven hours out their and the plus side for us is that the fresh air really makes them sleep - peace and quiet for a moment.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ullies Puppies - Day 11

A couple of photos above taken this morning of Ulli's puppies. They are all doing really well and gaining weight daily. Apologies that these photos aren't more dynamic but currently all the puppies do at the moment is eat and sleep.
Over the last couple of days the puppies have however started to open their eyes and when they have all opened their eyes we expect things to change as by then also they will be a little steadier on the feet and will start to get around a bit more.
Oh no more sleepless nights on the sofa ahead I think!!

Asalet Aygir (also affectionately known as Leo) and Asalet Ayca

The top two photos are of our own little girl Ayca and Leo who as you can see is a much redder dog. As readers of the blog will know Leo is staying with us for a few weeks whilst his owners are on vacation. Ayca and Leo are siblings to Eddie below.
The above photographs were taken today the 10th August and Eddie's were taken about one week ago.

Asalet Amir (known affectionately as "Eddie")

I wanted to say a big thank you to Moira for sending me the above photos of Eddie who was 6 months and 1 week of age when these were taken. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show a picture of him taken shortly before he left us to begin his new life with Moira to compare. Moira has taken her time with Eddie and just left him to develop nicely, he has light exercise around the garden and goes into town occasionally. He only walks one way and the other is usually by taxi stopping off at the hairdressers for them to spoil him and then via the butchers. Eddie really was a lovely (gentle) puppy and we are so pleased with his progress as we are with the whole litter.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Leo - The Footballer

Just to prove that we are gluttons for punishment we are now looking after Leo for 5 weeks whilst his owners go off and enjoy their holiday knowing that he is being well looked after and of course Leo is Ayca's brother. It is a great opportunity for us to have some time to compare them not only in looks but in behaviour. Currently Ayca wins. Leo has a fondness for the toilet brush, my new wooden bench and anything that he can pinch from the garage. That said he is a darling and has an excellent nature. He and Cesur are becoming firm friends.


Here are a couple of recent photographs of Ayca. As readers of this blog page will know Ayca was one of the puppies we kept from our own Ugarit's litter. We are very pleased with her. You will also see that all our dogs are very fond of the sofas and it can be a rush to secure your seat.
This litter was very successful and they are now just over six months old and doing incredibly well. Just last night we had a 30 minute telephone call from Alli in Bermuda who has Tonka who was positively gushing over him and just had to let us know. It is great for us to hear these stories. She has promised some more upto date photos and once I receive them I can share them with you.


Here is Cesur in the bottom photograph relaxing after a day guarding the property. My what a hard life he has.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Ulli's Puppies - Day 3

Now we have had time to assess the puppies more we have seven males and 4 females. The heaviest of the dogs is 650g and the lightest of the females is 535g.
As you will see from these weights over the 11 puppies we do not seem to have any that are under sized.
Trying to get Ulli away from her puppies to enable us to refresh her box has been difficult but we have a cunning plan as we now tempt her with her most favourite tit bits which work a treat.
Although we are not fans of the coloured puppy collars they are going to help us to more easily identify each puppy as they are all quite alike.

Ulli with her newborn Puppies

Ulli's puppies were born on the morning of the 30th July. All the puppies are strong and healthy and Ulli is the great mum we knew she would be. These photos were taken soon after they were born.

Here is Cesur and Ayca at the top of the stairs looking down - these two are double trouble and get upto all sorts of mischief together but they are worth it. They are two very sweet natured Anatolians.