Sunday, May 15, 2011

Asalet Dostca

Below is Dostca at 12 weeks of age at home where she ruled the roost with the big ones. She has all the spirit and personality of an adult and forgot that she was a puppy and particularly so when the adult dogs went into "guarding" mode after hearing a noise outside.
The picture below is of her resting after a hard playtime. (If any of my new puppy owners are reading this I did say in my list of Do's and Don'ts not to let your puppy on the furniture don't do as I do do as I say !!!).

Here she is again resting with Ayca who became her second mother when Ulli was snoozing.

And here she is with her mother - Ulli (oops on the furniture again but it is the dog sofa).

In this photo below Dostca can be forgiven for looking a little weary. Yesterday she travelled 3 hours to London Heathrow ahead of her journey to her Bermuda where a new and exciting life awaited her. A few tears were shed then. I did get a call late last night to let us know that she had arrived safely. Thanks goodness.

Asalet Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (Update)

The video above is of Dilber (red fawn) who is now residing in The Netherlands with her new family.

The other puppy is Dev who is now living in Leeds with Janine and Martin and being spoilt thoroughly. He's a very lucky boy.