Sunday, April 27, 2008


The above area couple of photos of Ayca and one of all the Anatolians playing. Notice no Bernese Mountain Dog - she is having none of it.

Ayca continues to do well - she is such a smart little lady but you do forget how tiring a puppy can be. John and I haven't had a puppy for about 12 years as the others have all been imports and with quarantine restrictions that have all been over 10 months of age.

Cesur finally arrives in the UK!!

Can you believe it? After what seems a lifetime Cesur has finally arrived in the UK and more importantly at home with us.
John left home on Wednesday evening 23rd April and arrived home in the early hours of Friday 25th April. On the down side it was 03:40 before we got to bed and 05:40 when we were woken up with the barking - so no chance of a lie-in.
All introductions took about 20 minutes and we couldn't have asked for better.
He is certainly a big dog and weighs 58k but thankfully he is a very gentle giant.
We have already walked him round the town and for a dog who hasn't been used to that he was excellent. He was not spooked by anything.
We have a little companion show down the road show next weekend which we will take both Cesur and Ayca to. That will be Ayca's first outing and no doubt when they are out together they will look ridiculous. The long and the short of it.

Aziz and the Lizard

Thanks to Stuart and Rachel for sending me this photo taken a couple of weeks ago of Aziz with one of her new (and rather unusual) housemates. Aziz continues to do well and having the time of her life being thoroughly spoilt.

Tonka Flies the Nest!!

The above is a photo of Tonka taken a couple of days before he flew off to a new life in Bermuda with Allison and Sean. He flew from Gatwick direct to Bermuda on the 5th April. Although the flight was delayed by 4 hours he was none the worse for it on his arrival.

He continues to do well and his new best friends are Maacs the Cavalier and Zaira the Doberman. After a restless time he then slept for a full 7 hours and you wouldn't have known he had just had such a long day.
I believe Tonka (real name Aslan) is one of only two Anatolians on the island. He has generated a lot of interest and others saying they to would like one but it is probably better that people wait until he becomes the big Anatolian Shepherd Dog he will be rather than the cute thing he is currently.