Sunday, August 31, 2008

Leo Goes Home and the Puppies come out to play

Today Leo went home to his family after his 5 week vacation with us. He has been a real pleasure to spend time with and for us it has been really interesting to watch him and Ayca (his sister) together. He really is a young male and needs his sleep and Ayca by contrast is a much more robust and matter-of-fact puppy. I think it is nice for Leo to remain as a baby for as long as possible. He and Cesur were also firm friends - I know Ayca and Cesur will miss him as will I. Nearly had the tears as I waved him off but what was particularly heart warming was the reaction he had to his family when they came to collect him. He really was pleased to see them and jumping up licking the boys - that was a great sight.

As yesterday was such a nice day (30th August) we decided that we would put the puppies in the outside kennels for the afternoon to get some fresh air. They were a little sheepish about it all but they did enjoy it. Today we did the same thing and boy what a difference 24 hours make. This time they really loved it and were enjoying the space and freedom and possibly the last of the sunshine. They had about seven hours out their and the plus side for us is that the fresh air really makes them sleep - peace and quiet for a moment.