Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tonka Flies the Nest!!

The above is a photo of Tonka taken a couple of days before he flew off to a new life in Bermuda with Allison and Sean. He flew from Gatwick direct to Bermuda on the 5th April. Although the flight was delayed by 4 hours he was none the worse for it on his arrival.

He continues to do well and his new best friends are Maacs the Cavalier and Zaira the Doberman. After a restless time he then slept for a full 7 hours and you wouldn't have known he had just had such a long day.
I believe Tonka (real name Aslan) is one of only two Anatolians on the island. He has generated a lot of interest and others saying they to would like one but it is probably better that people wait until he becomes the big Anatolian Shepherd Dog he will be rather than the cute thing he is currently.