Sunday, February 22, 2009

Joint KC/BVA Hip Dysplasia Scheme

The following dogs have been tested under the KC/BVA hip dysplasia scheme and the results registered with the Kennel Club between 01/10/08 and 31/12/08.
  • Cesur Ruslik Des Shumagins of Asalet - Right 4 - Left 5 = Total 9
  • Tuzla Mahmuz - Right 7 - Left 15 = Total 22
  • Tuzla Yight Agi - Right 2 - Left 2 = Total 4

The current mean for the breed is "14".

The mean for this breed rarely changes because so few breeders and owners actually hip score so in my opinion anyone that goes to trouble and expense of carrying out hip scoring should be applauded as this can only benefit the breed in the long run. Ideally though, in my opinion, the left and right hips should be of a similar score.