Monday, February 22, 2010

Here are a few photos taken recently. Photo One is of Ayca and Comar. Ayca is now 2 years old and Comar is just over 6 months.

Photo 2 is of Comar who will turn 7 months in the next week. His father is Cesur and his mother is Ulli. I am particulary proud of him and looking forward to getting him out and about on the Show circuit. Regrettably, though he won't be at Crufts next month.

Photo 3 is of Gabby who is just a couple of weeks away from celebrating her 10th birthday. We took her to the beach this weekend and everyone that met her thought she was a puppy. She has little to no grey hair and is doing very well particularly since we had her coat trimmed. She does sometime have some aches in her left leg but she is on Yumove and it is absolutely brilliant. I would recommend this to anyone who has a dog with mobility problems.