Sunday, July 02, 2006

Welcome to the blog page of Anne Yates and John Field who are Asalet Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.

We have owned Anatolian Shepherd Dogs for the last 12 years and Ravak pictured above was our first Anatolian. He was a red male with a lot of spirit from the Hisar Kennel of the late Natalka Czartoryska. Sadly, Ravak is no longer with us although he is still missed.

Some months later Ravak was joined by Hisar Ana (pictured below) a rough coated bitch who was and is a different temperament altogether than Ravak. Although Ana is now very stiff she is still, thankfully, going strong.

Ravak and Ana have been extensively shown at many of the Championship Shows over their years before being retired.

Carrying on the good work done by both Ravak and Ana is our two young females Ugarit and Ulli who although not litter sisters are both 3.5 years old and French imports from the kennels of Ms Sophie Licari.

The two girls (pictured below) are inseparable which means when one of them gets into trouble then they both do.